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UKPDS Outcomes Model Workshop to coincide with the American Diabetes Association 67th Annual Scientific Sessions, Chicago.

Building a new Diabetes Simulation Model using Patient Level Data

21 June 2007, 9am – 5pm
Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago
1212 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

The workshop is intended for users and potential users of the UKPDS Outcomes Model, a simulation model based on patient level data. The purpose of the workshop is to gain feedback from users about the model and to discuss the development of a new diabetes computer simulation model.


  • Overview of the existing UKPDS Outcomes Model.
  • Applications of the UKPDS Outcomes Model.
  • Potential data sources for building and validating a new diabetes simulation model.
  • What do we need in a new diabetes model?
  • How can we adapt diabetes models to developing countries?
  • Effects of self-selection in evaluating treatments for Diabetes.

There will be an opportunity to discuss other issues in diabetes simulation modelling in an open session at the end of the day.


Dr Philip Clarke
School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Professor Alastair Gray
Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford

Professor Rury Holman
Diabetes Trials Unit, University of Oxford

Dr David Meltzer
Departments of Medicine and Economics, University of Chicago

Dr Elbert Huang
Department of Economics, University of Chicago

Joshua Salomon
Department of Population and International Health, Harvard University.


US$ 200

The fee is waived for holders of the UKPDS Outcomes Model licence, and for academic and public sector participants.

Inquiries: email HERC