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HERC participation in conferences and professional meetings in 2006


Biomarkers in Familial Colorectal Cancer Screening Conference

Royal College of Physicians, London, February 2006

Sarah Wordsworth ‘Economics of colorectal cancer screening’


Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University. Seminar

March 2006

Jose Leal 'Eliciting expert opinion for economic models: Can we do better?'

Pós Graduação em Gestão do Medicamento para a Saúde Pública

Lisbon, April 2006
José Leal ‘Strategies in Pharmacoeconomics’

9th International Stryker Symposium on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Naples
April 2006
Helen Campbell 'Minimally invasive spine surgery and health economic evaluation'


Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 10th Spring Meeting

University of York, April 2006.

Stavros Petrou ‘The economic impact of extremely preterm birth’


26th Spanish Health Economics Conference (AES)

Toledo, May 2006

Oliver Rivero-Arias with LM Yu and A Burton ‘Multiple imputation: a software review with an application to resource use data’


American Pediatric Society and Society for Pediatric Research Conference

San Francisco, May 2006.

Stavros Petrou  ‘The economic impact of extremely preterm birth’


British Association of Perinatal Medicine Clinical Trials Group Annual Meeting

London, May 2006

Stavros Petrou, Guest lecture ‘Economic evaluation alongside clinical trials: what they contribute, how they are done and analysed’


ESRC Quality in Public Services programme meeting

King's College, London, May 2006

Alastair Gray ‘Public Services: Liability, risk pooling and health care quality’


Economics of Genetic Techonologies, ESRC Seminar Series

Manchester, May 2006

Sarah Wordsworth ‘A discussion of pharmacogenetic economic evaluations’

Scott Grosse and Sarah Wordsworth ‘Evaluating outcome measures in genetic testing’

James Buchanan 'The use of microarray technology in healthcare: a cost analysis in learning disability'


Newborn Screening for MCADD: a review of the evidence for policy

Meeting  London, May 2006

Sarah Wordsworth, Jose Leal and Alastair Gray ‘Modelling MCADD Cost-Effectiveness’


European Society of Cardiology and Spanish Society of Cardiology Conference on the Future of Cardiology

Madrid, June 2006

Ramon Luengo-Fernandez  'Cardiovascular disease in the 21st century society: socioeconomic perspectives and critical issues'


Watson Wyatt, Health Group

London, June 2006

Alastair Gray ‘Ageing Populations and Future Health Expenditures’


Chinese Government Health Policy Support Project

Oxford, June 2006

Alastair Gray ‘The role of health economics in UK health care decision-making’


The Business of Cardiac Services, London
1 June 2006
Jose Leal 'The economic impact of cardiovascular disease'


Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University, Seminar

June 2006

Borislava Mihaylova, ‘Approaches to subgroup analyses in clinical trials - the case of cardiovascular disease prevention’


6th European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE)

Budapest, July 2006

Oliver Rivero-Arias, Jane Wolstenholme, Alastair Gray,  on behalf of the ISAT study. ‘A comparison of the resource use, costs and health outcomes of endovascular coiling versus surgical clipping of subarachnoid aneurysms in the UK: Results from the ISAT study’


Health Economists Study Group (HESG)

York, July 2006

Ramon Luengo-Fernandez  ‘A population-based study of determinants of initial secondary care costs of acute stroke in the UK’


Stavros Petrou  ‘Social capital and its relationship with measures of health status: Evidence from the Health Survey for England 2003’


Treatment Decisions Group, University of Southampton.

August 2006

Stavros Petrou ‘Economic evaluation alongside randomised controlled trials: the example of neonatal ECMO’


British Society of Human Genetics, annual conference

York, September 2006

Irene Papanicolas, Sarah Wordsworth, James Buchanan, Jenny Taylor, Ian Frayling, Ian Tomlinson 'Molecular Testing for Somatic Cancer Mutations: A survey of current and future testing in UK laboratories'


Sarah Wordsworth, James Buchanan, Regina Regan, Val Davison, Kim Smith, Sara Dyer, Carolyn Campbell, Eddy Maher, Samantha JL Knight, Jenny Taylor, ‘Microarray technology in the NHS: A cost analysis in idiopathic learning disability'


Sarah Wordsworth ‘Is DNA testing for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cost-effective?’


Rockefeller Foundation

New York, September 2006

Alastair Gray  ‘Modelling the value for money of investing in PD PPPs as compared to other health care and non-health care interventions’


MCADD Scientific Advisory Group

London, October 2006

Sarah Wordsworth and Jose Leal ‘Modelling MCADD Cost-Effectiveness’


National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Health Economists in Guidelines Meeting, November 2006

Judit Simon ‘Health economics evidence in NICE clinical guidelines: historical overview from a non-NICE perspective’


Economics of Genetics Technologies, ESRC Seminar Series

Oxford, November 2006

José Leal ‘Eliciting expert opinion for economic models: a case for genetics’


World Diabetes Congress

Cape Town, December 2006

Alastair Gray, ‘Modelling type 2 diabetes’