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Presentations by HERC authors

Universal screening for rare newborn genetic conditions: Establishing cost-effectiveness before implementation

Presented: Jose Leal, Sarah Wordsworth, Alastair Gray, Juliet Oerton, Carol Dezateux

Using qualitative research in designing a discrete choice experiment: Case study on employment preferences of registered nurses in Malawi
Presented: Lindsay Mangham, Kara Hanson

Building an economic model using data from a large multinational randomised controlled trial to extrapolate the results from within the trial analysis
Presented: Oliver Rivero-Arias, Alastair Gray, Jane Wolstenholme, Mei-Yin Tok

'Use of individual patient data to evaluate cost-effectiveness across heterogeneous population'
Presented: Borislava Mihaylova, Andrew Briggs, Alastair Gray

Relationship between household income and childhood respiratory health: an econometric perspective
Presented: Mara Violato, Stavros Petrou, Ron Gray

'Adopting Genomic Technologies in Health Care: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Microarrays in Learning Disability'
Presented: Sarah Wordsworth, James Buchanan, Regina Regan, Val Davison, Kim Smith, Sara Dyer, Carolyn Campbell, Edward Blair, Eddy Maher, Jenny Taylor, Samantha JL Knight

Preference-based methods for valuing health gains in children
Presented: Stavros Petrou

'The cost-effectiveness of maternity care in the United Kingdom'
Presented Stavros Petrou

'Improvement in the process of induction of labour using isosorbide mononitrate (IMN) for cervical ripening.'
Presented Stavros Petrou

Impact of disease on health-related quality of life: the case of cerebrovascular diseases
Presented: Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, Alastair Gray, Peter Rothwell

Design Issues For Economic Evaluations Of Alternative Screening Technologies: Are Randomised Controlled Trials Always The Optimal Design?
Presented: Rosa Legood, Alastair Gray