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Presentations by members of HERC at professional meetings and conferences in 2011

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5-7 January 2011

Health Economists' Study Group (HESG), Hosted by University of York

Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, A Gray, P Rothwell. 'Impact of baseline resource use on disease costs: the example of cerebrovascular events'


31 January 2011

Annual meeting of Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research, Birmingham

Borislava Mihaylova, 'Modelling for clinical trial driven economic analyses: development and validation issues'


15-16 February 2011

ICE-CAP Workshop, University of Birmingham

Judit Simon, 'Capability measurement in the OCTET mental health trial: The OXCAP MH15'


16 February 2011

Invited speaker at the Sociology Group Seminar Series, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Mara Violato, 'Ethnic differences in the income/child health gradient: the role of antenatal care and maternal health behaviours'


1 March 2011

International Longevity Centre UK (ILC-UK) and the Actuarial Profession Joint Debate: The Future Economic, Health and Social Care Costs of Dementia, London

Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, 'Economic Cost of Dementia'


25-27 March 2011

10th Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry: Mental Health Policy and Economics, Venice

Judit Simon, 'Health Economic Preparatory work for OXTEXT: The development and evaluation of cost-effective systems of collaborative disease management for people with bipolar disorder'


10-12 April 2011

Westlake Forum III, Healthcare Reform in China and the U.S.: Similarities, Differences and Challenges, Emory University, Atlanta

Winnie Yip, 'Poor incentive structure: The culprit of health care cost inflation in China''


9 May 2011

Erasmus University, Diploma Course in International Health Policy and Economics

Winnie Yip, 'Provider behavioural response to incentives change: preliminary findings from a social experiment in rural China'


11 May 2011

Incentives for Health Provider Performance Network, University of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Winnie Yip, 'P4P in the reform in China' [presented during session 2: Experience with pay-for-performance and performance-based financing in middle and high income countries]


9-11 June 2011

9th International Conference on Bipolar Disorder, Pittsburgh, USA

Judit Simon, 'Impact of True Colours mood monitoring on mental health service utilisation' Simon J, Budge KV, Foster JE, Bell S, Goodwin G, Geddes J. (poster presentation)


24-28 June 2011

American Diabetes Association 71st Scientific Sessions Conference, San Diego

Maria Alva, 'Outpatients resource utilisation of type-2 diabetes patients: new evidence from the UKPDS'


6-8 July 2011

New Directions in Welfare, OECD Paris
co-organised by Paul Anand

Judit Simon contributed a paper to the opening roundtable on 'Broadening the Measurement and Concept of Economic Progress'

'Operationalising the capabilities approach for mental health studies (OxCAP-MH)'


10-13 July 2011

iHEA 8th World Congress on Health Economics, Toronto, Canada 'Transforming Health & Economics'

Full list of HERC presentations


15-16 September 2011

EuroQol Plenary Meeting 2011, Said Business School, Oxford

Helen Dakin poster presentation 'Mapping Oxford Knee Score onto EQ-5D utilities and responses'


4 October 2011

MRC Clinical Trials Methodology conference 2011, Bristol

Helen Dakin 'What is the value of collecting detailed costing data in clinical trials?'

Maria Alva & Boby Mihaylova 'The effect of diabetes related complications on marginal utility: Estimating the bias due to unobservable heterogeneity using the UKPDS'

Boby Mihaylova, Alastair Gray and Andrew Briggs on behalf of the working group on BHF project PG/08/063/25397 'Parametric methods for modelling and extrapolation in clinical trials: implications for economic evaluation and ways forward'


7 October 2011

Warwick Medical School Annual WISDDEM Clinical Symposium, Warwick

Alastair Gray 'Modelling the lifetime outcomes and costs of diabetes'


12 October 2011

University of Birmingham, Health Economics Unit, Seminar Series

Oliver Rivero-Arias 'How important is parameter uncertainty around the UK EQ-5D value set when estimating treatment effects?'


13 October 2011

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago de Chile "Elementos Para Una Política Pública Sobre Cáncer En Chile" seminar

Ramón Luengo-Fernandez 'Investigaciones sobre economía del cáncer y las enfermedades crónicas (Research on the economics of cancer and chronic diseases)


19 October 2011

DIRUM Workshop, Birmingham

Sarah Wordsworth 'The Annotated Cost Questionnaire: An Attempt at Standardisation'