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iHEA Boston World Congress 2017

Revolutions in the Economics of Health Systems, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

8-11 July 2017 (Pre-Congress 7-8 July 2017)


Oral Presentations

Alastair Gray (with Mara Violato included as a co-author) Estimating the quality of life impact of disease diagnosis using retrospective population self-reports: the example of Coeliac Disease in the UK.

Elizabeth Stokes (with Sarah Wordsworth included as a co-author).
Can routine administrative datasets reliably provide resource use data for the purposes of economic evaluation?

Filipa Landeiro (with Ellen Nuttall-Musson, Alastair Gray, Jose Leal included as co-authors). Can delayed discharges be reduced through interventions to alleviate social isolation?

Jacqueline Murphy (with Helen Dakin and Alastair Gray included as co-authors).
Developing a mapping algorithm to predict EQ-5D utilities using Oxford Shoulder Score responses.

James Buchanan (with Alastair Gray included as a co-author).
Managing complications in HIV-infected adults in lower income settings: a cost-effectiveness analysis of itraconazole versus amphotericin B for induction therapy of talaromycosis in Vietnam.

Joel Smith Illusive benefits and treatment effect heterogeneity in randomized experiments.

Jose Leal (with Stefania Manetti as a co-author)The Impact Of Hospital Costing Methods On Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.

Iryna Schlackow (with Alastair Gray and Borislava Mihaylova included as co-authors).
Methods for temporal extrapolation from clinical trial data to inform economic evaluations: a taxonomy

Mara Violato (with Alastair Gray included as a co-author).
Family income and exposure to norovirus in childhood: findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study.

Richéal Burns (with Ramón Luengo-Fernandez and José Leal as co-authors).
Economic burden of Cardiovascular Diseases across the European Union: trends over the last decade.

Seamus Kent (with Borislava Mihaylova and Alastair Gray included as co-authors). Use And Costs Of Primary Care In Relation To Body Mass Index In Middle-Aged And Older Women In England: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Sophie Diarra (with Mara Violato as a co-author). A longitudinal study of child respiratory disease in the United Kingdom: the effect of income and other risk factors.

Thomas Rouyard (with Jose Leal and Alastair Gray included as co-authors). Trade-Off Between Behavior Change And Health Outcomes: An Analysis Under Prospect Theory.

Sarah Wordsworth (with Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, Jose Leal, James Buchanan, Brett Doble and Elizabeth Stokes as co-authors). Can leveraging 'Big Data’ make economic assessment more precise? Costing rare disease care using linked data from the UK 100,000 Genomes Project.