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HERC participation for the 72nd Health Economists' Study Group (HESG). Hosted by the Health Economics Group, University of East Anglia, 9-11 January 2008

HESG papers by HERC authors

  • Authors: Jose Leal, Sarah Wordsworth and Stavros Petrou
    'Estimating the hospital cost of infantile cerebral palsy during the first 10 years of life.'
  • Authors: Melissa Ouellet, Oliver Rivero-Arias, Alastair Gray, Jane Wolstenholme, Ramon Luengo-Fernandez
    'Mapping the Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) measurement into the generic EuroQol EQ-5D health outcome'

HESG discussants from HERC

  • James Buchanan

Authors: Martin Hoyle and Rob Anderseron
'Cost-effectiveness ratios for current prevalent and future incident patient cohorts.'

  • Mara Violato 

Author: Neha Kumra
'Childhood health, education attainment and occupational choice under risk'

  • Alastair Gray

Authors: Adriana Castelli and Peter C. Smith
'Circulatory disease in the NHS: measuring trends in hospital costs and outputs'

  • Jose Leal

Authors: T Hoomans, AJHA Ament, SMAA Evers and JL Severens
'Stochastic application of a model for informing resource allocation decision-making about the implementation of clinical practice guidelines in diabetes care.'

  • Stavros Petrou

Authors: Garry R. Barton, Tracey H. Sach, Claire Jenkinson, Anthony J. Avery, Michael Doherty and Keneth R. Muir
'Mapping utility scores: how does it compare to actual trial results?'

HESG chairs from HERC

  • Sarah Wordsworth

Authors: Dawn Craig, Ian Shemilt, Stephen Rice, James Christie and John Nixon
'Is indexing of economic methodology papers feasible?  An investigation using NHS EED.'

  •  Alastair Gray

Author: Philip Kinghorn
'From theory to practice: are we capable of operationalising the Capability Approach?'

  • Jose Leal

Authors: Kathleen Boyd and Andrew Briggs
'A critique of decision analytic modelling in cost-effectiveness analyses of smoking cessation services: what makes a good model?'

  • Stavros Petrou

Authors: Mark Harrison, Linda Davies, Nick Bansback and Deborah Symmons
'The comparative ability of the EQ5D and SF6D health utility measures to assess change in patients with rheumatoid arthritis'.