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8-10 January 2014
Health Economists’ Study Group, University of Sheffield
James Buchanan and Sarah Wordsworth 'Welfarism versus extra‐welfarism: Does choice of economic evaluation approach impact on adoption decisions?'
Helen Dakin 'Decision‐making for healthcare resource allocation: Joint versus separate decisions on interacting interventions'

20 January 2014
Department of Economics, National University of Ireland, Galway
Seamus Kent 'A comparison of statistical models for the estimation of hospital costs of common complications in a secondary cardiovascular disease population'

28 January 2014
Academic Unit of Health Economics, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, Leeds
James Buchanan 'Evaluating genomic technologies: Can health economics improve its methodological toolbox?'

29 January 2014
Department of Economics, University of Oxford
Laurence Roope 'The Endogenous Poverty Line: Existence and Implications'

10 February 2014
University of Manchester
Rachael Morton 'To dialyse or not? Physician preferences for the treatment of elderly patients with end-stage kidney disease: A discrete choice experiment '

25 February 2014
Department of Economics, University of Oxford
Laurence Roope 'Missing Dimensions in the Measurement of Wellbeing and Happiness'

12 March 2014
University of York
Seamus Kent 'Cost regressions and trial data'

20 March 2014
Health Economics Unit, University of Birmingham
Rachael Morton 'To dialyse or not? Physician preferences for the treatment of elderly patients with end-stage kidney disease: A discrete choice experiment'

27 March 2014
University of Southampton
Rachael Morton 'The impact of social disadvantage on equity of access to health services, kidney disease progression and cardiovascular outcomes for people with stage 3-5 kidney disease'

8 April 2014
Royal Economic Society Annual Conference Manchester,
Laurence Roope (Paul Anand) 'Happiness and Development in Very Young Children'

1 May 2014
Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, Work in Progress Seminars
Helen D 'Economic evaluation of factorial randomised controlled trials.'

21 May 2014
NIMAST/UKSF Northern Ireland Stroke Conference 2014, Belfast
Ramón Luengo-Fernandez 'Population-based study of acute- and long-term care costs after stroke in patients with AF'

10 June 2014
National Cancer Intelligence Network Conference, Birmingham
Richéal Burns 'A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of PSA testing for the secondary prevention of Prostate Cancer in the Republic of Ireland'

16-19 June 2014
British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Annual Meeting 2014, Manchester
Liz Stokes 'Healthcare costs and quality of life associated with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding in the UK' Poster Presentation

17 June 2014
Economics, Modelling and Diabetes: Mount Hood 2014 Challenge, Diabetes Modelling Masterclass, Stanford University, USA
José Leal 'Techniques for model validation'

23-25 June 2014
Health Economists’ Study Group, Glasgow Caledonian University
James Buchanan 'Presenting risk information in discrete choice experiments: do graphical techniques influence willingness-to-pay?'

2 July 2014
Oxfam UK
Laurence Roope and Paul Anand 'Rethinking Welfare Economics: a direct Operationalisation of Sen’s Capability Approach'

2-3 July 2014
Supportive care for the renal patient – Annual workshop. Hammersmith Hospital
Rachael Morton 'KDIGO consensus and spotlight on new evidence in the cost-effectiveness of conservative care.'

8 July 2014
Medical Sciences DPhil Day, University of Oxford
Liz Stokes 'How important are time horizons in health economic evaluation? A case study of platelet testing in cardiac surgery.'

14-16 July 2014
iHEA 10th World Congress in Health Economics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Presentations by members of HERC

6 September 2014
UNU-WIDER Conference on ‘Inequality – Measurement, Trends, Impacts, and Policies’ Helsinki
Laurence Roope, Paul Anand 'New approaches to the measurement of progress' (a summary of two papers)

15 September 2014
Half-day Mount Hood event organised by the Department of Health Economics, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Alastair Gray 'Diabetes simulation models as prognostic tools'

16 September 2014
Poster Presentation at the EASD Annual Meeting 2014, Vienna, Austria
Alastair Gray 'Can delaying onset of Type 2 diabetes be cost-effective?'

22-28 September 2014
Poster presentation at the 22nd Cochrane Colloquium, Hyderabad, India.
Rachael Morton 'Can analysis of the effect of social disadvantage on health outcomes be improved through the use of causal pathways?'

18-22 October 2014
Poster presentation at the United European Gastroenterology week, Vienna - Awarded a Poster of Distinction
Helen Campbell, Liz Stokes, Danielle Bargo 'Healthcare Costs And Quality Of Life Associated With Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding In The UK.' TRIGGER Investigators

24 October 2014
Economics departmental seminar series, National University of Ireland Galway.
Laurence Roope 'Inequality and Growth: a simple structural relationship'

24 October 2014
Edinburgh Critical Care Research Methods Course, The University of Edinburgh
Helen Campbell 'Health Economics: the basics'

1-2 November 2014
St. Luke's Clinical Education and Research seminar: Cost-Effectiveness & Health Policy, Tokyo
Alastair Gray 'Using Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to inform Health Policy: Lessons from the UK'

8-12 November 2014
ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress, Amsterdam
Finalist in ISPOR Poster Awards
Helen Campbell (Fusco F, Campbell H, Newman M, Barker K) 'Rehabilitation in resurfacing hip arthroplasty patients: Preliminary cost-effectiveness results from a clinical trial.'

November 2014 ASN Kidney week I. Schlackow, B. Mihaylova on behalf of the SHARP Collaborative Group; 'A lifetime model in Chronic Kidney Disease: the SHARP CKD-CVD disease model'

November 2014 I. Poster Presentation ASN Kidney week Boby Mihaylova (Schlackow, B. Mihaylova on behalf of the SHARP Collaborative Group) Lifetime benefits and cost-effectiveness of LDL-cholesterol lowering in Chronic Kidney Disease: results from the Study of Heart and Renal Protection (SHARP)

December 2014 I. Primary Care Seminar (University of Oxford) Schlackow, B. Mihaylova on behalf of the SHARP Collaborative Group; 'A lifetime health outcomes model in chronic kidney disease'