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Introduction : Bronchiolitis is the leading cause of hospitalization in children. Estimate potentially preventable variables that impact the length of hospital stay are a priority to reduce the costs associated with this disease. This study aims to identify clinical variables associated with length of hospital stay of bronchiolitis in children in a tropical middle-income country Methods: We conducted a retrospective cohort study in 417 infants with bronchiolitis in tertiary centers in Colombia. All medical records of all patients admitted through the emergency department were reviewed. To identify factors independently associated we use negative binomial regression model, to estimate incidence rate ratios (IRR) and adjust for potential confounding variables Results : The median of the length of hospital stay was 3.68 days, with a range of 0.74 days to 29 days, 138 (33.17%) of patients have a hospital stay of 5 or more days. After modeling and controlling for potential confounders age <6 months, comorbidities (CHD or neurological), BPD, chest indrawing, detection of RSV, and C-reactive protein were independent predictors of LOS Conclusions : Our results show that in infants with bronchiolitis, detection of RSV, age <6 months, comorbidities (CHD or neurological), BPD, chest indrawing, and C-reactive protein were independent predictors of LOS. As a potentially modifiable risk factor, efforts to reduce the probability of RSV infection can reduce the high medical cost associates with prolonged LOS in bronchiolitis.

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