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ates: 2009-2012
Collaborators: World Bank; Department for International Development
Information: Winnie Yip

The Rural Health Project, commonly known as Health XI, is a project that aims to help China improve the performance of its rural health sector through pilot experiments. The project consists of four key areas: improving rural health financing; improving quality, efficiency and cost control in service delivery; strengthening the financing and organization of core public health functions and monitoring and evaluation. The project is for five years and consists of 8 provinces and 40 counties in China. Dr. Yip served as a technical consultant to the project, reviewing county proposals and providing technical assistance in design and evaluation.

In addition, to provide the project counties with a better understanding and conceptualization of a health system and their policy instruments, the World Health Organization (WHO) in cooperation with the Foreign Loan Office (FLO) and Health and Human Resources Development Center (HHRDC) of the Chinese MOH sponsored a one-week training course for officials and academic experts of the project counties, focussing on financing, provider payment methods and monitoring and evaluation methods. Dr. Yip organized and led the training workshop.