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Mood monitoring (by sms/text messaging) and mood intervention service for people with bipolar disorder (SMS-MM service)

Dates: 2010-2013
Funding: NIHR
Collaborators: Dept Psychiatry, Univ Oxford
Information: Judit Simon
Website: OXTEXT website

Phase I of this project will develop and pilot the service. In Phase II two randomised controlled trials are planned.  The health economic component of Phase I will assess the direct cost impact of the SMS-MM service for both the patients and the NHS in a real life setting, evaluate the broader health care resource use and cost implications of introducing the SMS-MM service for patients with bipolar disease, and estimate the general quality-of-life impact of events measured in patients’ notes by using the EuroQoL EQ-5D. In addition, a systematic review will be conducted to collect all necessary input data for a value-of-information (VOI) analysis preliminary to the design of the planned RCTs.