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A randomized controlled trial of evidence-based medicine in the management of hypertension


HERC PI: Emma McIntosh

ABC: Adjuvant Breast Cancer trial


HERC PI: Helen Campbell

Evaluation of physiotherapy treatment for patients with low back pain: evidence from the Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC) trial


Oliver Rivero-Arias



HERC PI: Alastair Gray

B-AHEAD Breast - Activity and Healthy Eating after Diagnosis


HERC PI: Jane Wolstenholme

Cost effectiveness analysis of cervical cancer screening strategies in Osmanabad, India


HERC PI: Rose Legood

DiGEM: Diabetes Glycaemic Education and Monitoring study


HERC PI: Judit Simon

GNOME: Cost effectiveness of intra-nasal steroids in 4-11 year old children with persistent bilateral otitis media with effusion in primary care


HERC PI: Helen Dakin

Heart Protection Study


HERC PI: Alastair Gray, Borislava Mihaylova

HIP trial: Economic evaluation of ultrasound management of neonatal hip instability


HERC PI: Alastair Gray

Home Visiting Trial and Follow-up

2001-2004 - Main Trial
2004-2007 - 3 Year Follow-up

HERC PI: Emma McIntosh

IMAGE: Improving management in gastroenterology


HERC PI: Alastair Gray

ISAT: International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial

1996 - 2007

HERC PI: Jane Wolstenholme, Oliver Rivero-Arias

MAGPIE Trial: economic evaluation of magnesium sulphate for prevention of eclampsia

2002 - 2005

HERC PI: Judit Simon


2005 - 2009

HERC PI: Alastair Gray

MIST: Study of women’s preferences for alternative management methods for first trimester miscarriage

2001 - 2007

HERC PI: Emma McIntosh

OT / PT for people with stroke

2003 - 2007

HERC PI: Emma McIntosh

Problem solving by community mental health nurses for anxiety and depression in general practice patients

2000 - 2004

HERC PI: Oliver Rivero-Arias


2012 - 2015

HERC PI: Jane Wolstenholme, Richéal Burns

SST: Spine Stabilisation Trial

1995 - 2005

Helen Campbell

HERC PI: A cluster randomised trial of strategies to increase cervical screening uptake at first invitation (STRATEGIC)

TOAST: Treatment Options without Antibiotics for Sore Throat

2013 - 2015

HERC PI: Jane Wolstenholme, Richéal Burns

UK Prospective Diabetes Study

1995 -

José Leal

UKUFF: United Kingdom Rotator Cuff Trial

2007 - 2015

HERC PI: Alastair Gray, Jacqueline Murphy


2000 - 2002

Alastair Gray