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Dates: 2001-2007
Funding: Department of Health
Collaborators: Lindsay Smith, East Somerset Research Consortium
Information: Stavros Petrou (NPEU) and Emma McIntosh

The Miscarriage Treatment (MIST) trial examined the clinical and cost-effectiveness of alternative management methods for first trimester miscarriage. Women recruited into the trial were sent a questionnaire to elicit their preferences as part of a discrete choice experiment of different miscarriage management methods. In addition to allowing us to find out overall preferences for the alternative miscarriage management methods, the research allowed us to establish the relative importance of health outcomes, non-health outcomes and aspects of the care process. The results of this discrete choice experiment were published in 2009.


Petrou, S and McIntosh, E (2009). Women's Preferences for Attributes of First-Trimester Miscarriage Management: A Stated Preference Discrete-Choice Experiment Value in Health, 12(4):551-559.

Petrou, S, Trinder, J, Brocklehurst, P, and Smith, L (2006). Economic evaluation of alternative management methods of first-trimester miscarriage based on results from the MIST trial. BJOG 113(8):879-89.