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Date and time:  Thursday 04 July 2024, 11:00 hours (11.00 am UK BST)

Location: Online via Zoom/Microsoft Teams

To Join: This is a free event, which will be taking place online via Zoom/Microsoft Teams. Register

Abstract: This presentation explores innovative approaches to improve the transparency and usability of health economic models. It will cover the value and implementation of web-based user interfaces using the R package 'shiny', 'Living HTA' (automating updates to health economic models to ensure relevance and accuracy over time) using automated workflows, packaging cost-effectiveness models to facilitate unit-testing and easy code sharing, and reviewing models in R with 'assertHE,' a dedicated package designed to streamline the review process of health economic models, promoting greater scrutiny and validation. These strategies collectively aim to improve accessibility, understanding, and trust in health economic models, ultimately empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions in healthcare resource allocation.

Bio: Dr. Robert Smith is a health economist based in Sheffield. His research specialises on the application of methods from statistical programming to health economics. He currently splits his time between the University of Sheffield and Dark Peak Analytics, where he advocates for transparent code-based health economic modelling methods. Rob has built economic models and user-interfaces for a variety of organisations, including the World Health Organisation, the UK's Joint Biosecurity Centre (now UKHSA), top 10 pharmaceutical companies, and charities such as parkrunUK. He is a co-Director of the R-HTA consortium and part of the expert advisory group for the WHO Health Economic Assessment Tool. Additionally, he leads several short courses on the use of R for decision modelling and has published highly cited open-source peer-reviewed tutorials on the use of R-Shiny for health economics and Living HTA. A list of his peer-reviewed publications can be found on Google Scholar.

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