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Presentations made by HERC researchers and students at conferences, professional meetings and workshops during the current year.

Presentations in 2019

7-8 January 2019
HESG Conference, York
Philip Clarke
Moving beyond the threshold: Using a competitive mechanism alongside economic evaluation to allocate health care resources

14 January 2019
University of Aberdeen
Seamus Kent
Total diet replacement as a scalable population​ approach to tackling obesity

22 January 2019
4th Annual Primary Care Research Symposium, Aylesbury
Ines Rombach and Marvi Iftikhar: Presented a workshop on How missing and spurious data can affect trial results

04 February 2019
University of Nottingham
Mara Violato: The impact of diagnosis on health-related quality of life and costs in people with coeliac disease: a UK population-based longitudinal perspective.

7 February 2019
Centre of Health Economics, University of York
Philip Clarke: The origins of health economic evaluation

27 February 2019
Queen Mary University of London
Seamus Kent: Doctor Referal to a Low-Energy Total Diet Replacement Program Cost Effective for the Routine Treatment of Obesity?

11 March 2019
Manchester Centre for Health Economics Seminar Series
James Buchanan: Improving the health economics evidence base for genomic testing

13-14 March 2019
NIHR Health Protection Research Unit Gastrointestinal Infection Annual Scientific Conference, London
Mara Violato: Family income and utilisation of primary and secondary healthcare for diarrhoeal and respiratory infection: evidence from the UK Millenium Cohort Study

18 March 2019
CSAE Conference 2019, Economic Development in Africa, Oxford
Laurence Roope and Joel Smith: Gravitational Allocation Problems

27 March 2019
Nuffield Department of Population Health Annual Symposium, Oxford
Presentations by HERC members

30 March 2019
Fourteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry - The value of Mental Health Services
Stephen Rocks, Mina Fazel and Apostolos Tsiachristas: Budget Allocation at the Commissioning Level: Does Child Mental Health Lose Out?

5 April 2019
Leeds University Business School
Laurence Roope: Identifying Inequality Benchmark Incomes

16 April 2019
University College Dublin
Seamus Kent: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a total diet replacement programme, Total Diet and Meal Replacements Europe.

29 April 2019
European Congress of Obesity, Glasgow
Seamus Kent: Cost-effectiveness of a low-energy total diet replacement programme.

10 May 2019
University of Coimbra
Filipa Landeiro: The impact of social isolation on delayed hospital discharges.

27 May 2019
21st National Conference for Health Economics in Bergen, Norway.
James Buchanan (Key note speaker):  The health economics of genomic sequencing.

3-5 June 2019
UK Kidney Week, Brighton
Claire Simons: Model of cardiovascular disease in people with reduced renal function using routine healthcare data.

13 - 17 July 2019
iHEA Basel 2019 Congress 'New Heights in Health Economics'. Basel, Switzerland
Presentations by HERC members


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