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Presentations made by HERC researchers and students at conferences, professional meetings and workshops during the current year.

presentations in 2018


Presentations in 2017

4-6 January 2017
Health Economists' Study Group (HESG) Winter 2017 Meeting, University of Birmingham
Helen Dakin: Uncertainty within trial-based economic evaluations extrapolated using patient-level simulation models.

13 January 2017
Nuffield Department of Population Health, Medical Sciences Division Annual Symposium
Said Business School, University of Oxford
Presentations by HERC researchers

16 February 2017
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Thomas Rouyard: Trade-off between health outcomes and behaviour: an analysis under prospect theory.

1-2 March 2017
Annual Scientific Conference of the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Gastrointestinal Infections, University of Liverpool
Mara Violato: Family income and presentation to primary and second care for Diarrhoeal, Respiratory and Ear Infection: evidence for the UK Millennium Cohort Study.

9-10 March 2017
Annual Meeting of the German Health Economics Association’ (dggoe)
Basel, Switzerland
Peter Eibich Retirement, time costs and uptake of cancer screening.

27-29 March 2017
British Society for Haematology Annual Scientific Meeting, Brighton
Liz Stokes [Poster Presentation] A prospective study to estimate the full costs of administering blood transfusions in the UK. 

24 March 2017
Coeliac UK Annual Research Conference, London
Mara Violato: Presented two posters at this conference.

  • The economic burden of Coeliac Disease in the UK: a retrospective population-based study.
  • Estimating the quality of life impact of Coeliac Disease diagnosis using retrospective population self-reports.

24 March 2017
Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC)Conference, Oxford
Richéal Burns: (oral presentation for the economic evaluation results of the TOAST trial) Assessing the Economic Impact of Oral Dexamethasone for Symptom Relief of Sore Throat: The TOAST Study.

7th May 2017
4th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference, Liverpool
Apostolos Tsiachristas and Richéal Burns delivered a workshop on economic evaluation alongside clinical trials: Understanding and interpreting health economic evaluation alongside clinical trials.

Richéal Burns also presented a poster: A systematic review of analytical methods applied for discarded organs in kidney and liver transplantation research on the findings of the systematic literature review alongside one of the COPE trials on organ preservation. techniques.

Iryna Schlackow presented two posters at this conference:

  • Methods for extrapolation from clinical trial data to inform economic evaluations: a taxonomy.
  • A lifetime disease model based on an RCT: development, validation and applications (on behalf of the SHARP Collaborative Group)

8-10 May 2017
17th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin, Ireland
Apostolos Tsiachristas gave three oral presentations at this conference.

  • Cost-effectiveness of an Integrated Care Home Support Service in England.
  • Economic evaluation of integrated care: considerations and developments.
  • Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of population health interventions alongside literature reviews: the case of the comprehensive geriatric assessment.

May 2017
Health Economics and Policy Analysis Centre (HEPAC), NUI Galway, Ireland
Apostolos Tsiachristas Cost-effectiveness of an integrated care home support service in England.

25 May 2017
Green Templeton College Research Talks Symposium, Oxford
Apostolos Tsiachristas Value for money of mental health services

29-30 May 2017
Department of Economics, University of Bergen, Norway
Peter Eibich gave a workshop presentation Retirement and mammography use: The role of organized screening programs.

6 June 2017
Health Economics Research Unit (HERU), University of Aberdeen.
Sarah Wordsworth Economics and whole genome sequencing.

7 June 2017
Bristol University
Helen Dakin: Uncertainty within trial-based economic evaluations extrapolated using patient-level simulation models.

8 June 2017
2nd Annual UK & Ireland PROMs Research Conference, St Anne’s College, University Oxford
A number of HERC researchers attended the conference and gave presentations.
Helen Dakin presented ACHE - The Arthroplasty Candidacy Help Engine - Using PROMs data to identify thresholds for referral in hip and knee replacement surgery.
Ines Rombach presented To impute or not to impute? A comparison of statistical approaches for analysing missing longitudinal patient reported outcome data in randomised controlled trials.

22 June 2017
MRC Doctoral Training Programme Symposium, University of Oxford
Sophie Diarra A longitudinal study of child respiratory disease in the United Kingdom: The effect of income and other risk factors.

27-29 June 2017
Sarah Wordsworth gave a workshop presentation on The use of health economics and precision medicine.

28-30 June 2017
Health Economists' Study Group, University of Aberdeen
Liz Stokes Modelling the cost-effectiveness of diagnostic tests in the absence of a gold standard: a case study of cardiac surgery clotting tests.

5 July 2017
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR, The University of Sheffield.
Helen Dakin Uncertainty within trial-based economic evaluations extrapolated using patient-level simulationmodels.

5 July 2017
Arthritis Research UK Intern Training Day
Ines Rombach Statistics and trial design.

8-11 July 2017
International Health Economics Association (iHEA), Boston World Congress 2017
Presentations by HERC researchers

26 July 2017
Missing data meeting, WWARN
Ines Rombach Handling missing data in longitudinal follow-up with multiple imputation and maximum likelihood estimation & the importance of sensitivity analysis.

22 August 2017
European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Lisbon, Portugal
Laurence Roope Critical Percentiles for Equalizing Growth

26-30 August 2017
European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress. Barcelona
Ramón Luengo-Fernandez Economic burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) across the European Union: trends over the last decade.

8-12 September 2017
European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress, Madrid
Alastair Gray [Poster] Quality of life in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer treated with first-line selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT): results from the FOXFIRE, FOXFIRE-Global and SIRFLOX prospective randomised studies.

11-15 September 2017
European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting, Lisbon
Alastair Gray [Poster] Resource use and UK-perspective costs in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus during the Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with Sitagliptin (TECOS).

29-22 September 2017
Statistical Week, Conference of the German Society for Demography, Rostock, Germany
Peter Eibich Retirement and mammography use: The role of organized screening programs.

12-13 October 2017
15th Portuguese National Conference on Health Economics, Coimbra, Portugal
Filipa Landeiro The cost of social isolation for elderly hip fracture patients in England: delayed discharges.

11 October 2017
Royal Society of Medicine: Interface and community geriatric medicine for the generalist: the benefits of all integrated services. London.
Apostolos Tsiachristas Cost effectiveness and health economics - hospitals at home.

13 October 2017
Royal Society of Medicine (London) UK Annual Melanoma Meeting
Sarah Wordsworth Economics of using precision medicine in melanoma.

26 October 2017
Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta
Alastair Gray Diabetes Modelling

7 November 2017
Liverpool University
Jane Wolstenholme Presented results from the FOXFIRE Trial.

17 November 2017
3rd UPGx Personalized Medicine Day in Toulouse
James Buchanan Economic evaluation in cancer pharmacogenomics.

21 November 2017
University of Bristol
Alastair Gray What is different about economic evaluation of surgery RCTS? Issues with non-surgical comparators.