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Presentations made by HERC researchers and students at conferences, professional meetings and workshops during the current year.

Presentations in 2020

09 January 2020
Nuffield Department of Population Health Annual Symposium
Presentations by HERC members

Presentations in 2019

05 November 2019
NHS-R Community Conference, Birmingham 
Iryna Schlackow: 
Health policy model with R

04 November 2019
Genomics England Research Conference 2019, London
James Buchanan, Patrick Fahr
and Sarah Wordsworth: Generating health economic evidence for genomic medicine: opportunities arising from the 100,000 Genomes Project

23-25 October 2019
29th Alzheimer Europe Conference, The Hague, Netherlands
Filipa Landeiro: 
Health-related quality of life in people with pre-dementia or dementia.

18 October 2019
Workshop: Theory and Empirics of Inequality, Poverty and Mobility, London
Laurence Roope: 
When do we die in the long run? The relative survival of politicians over the 20th Century

16-18 October 2019
16th CNES Conferencisa Nacional de Economia da Saude, Lisbon
Filipa Landeiro: 
Health-related quality of life in people with pre-dementia or dementia measured with preference based instruments: a meta-analysis

30 September 2019
European Society of Medical Oncology Congress, Barcelona
David Jones: 
Cisplatin reduces costs and provides more quality-adjusted life years than cetuximab in chemoradiotherapy for patients with HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer

30 September 2019
UK-France Genomics and Ethics Network (GENE) Workshop, Oxford
James Buchanan:  
Improving the health economics evidence base for genomic testing

26 September 2019
Bocconi University, Milan
John Buckell:  
Weight and Health-Related Quality of Life: Evidence from Randomized Controlled Trials

02 September 2019
IAREP conference, Dublin
Francesco Salustri:  
an experimental research on biomedical research projects

23 August 2019
MCRI Functional Genomics Seminar, Melbourne
James Buchanan:  
Evaluating the outcomes associated with genomic sequencing: current evidence and next steps

22 August 2019
Centre for Health Policy Seminar Series, University of Melbourne,
James Buchanan:  
Evaluating the outcomes associated with genomic sequencing: current evidence and next steps

13 - 17 July 2019
iHEA Basel 2019 Congress 'New Heights in Health Economics'. Basel, Switzerland
Presentations by HERC members

3-5 July 2019

HESG University of East Anglia 

Claire Simons: Stratification of optimal treatment allocation by disease severity measures: an application to treatment for sleep apnoea.

Philip Clarke: When do we die in the long-run? The relative and absolute survival of politicians over the 20th century.

Apostolos Tsiachristas: A retrospective propensity score matched analysis using administrative data of hospital-at-home for older people in Scotland. 

Iryna Schlackow: Model of cardiovascular disease in people with reduced kidney function developed using routine healthcare data.  

Koen Pouwels: Estimating the causal effect of time-varying exposures on excess length of hospital stay: Can inverse probability-weighted survival curves improve our estimates?  

James Buchanan and Sarah Wordsworth: Using ‘Big Data’ in economic evaluations: Assessing the pitfalls and testing solutions in the 100,000 Genomes Project in England. 

3-5 June 2019
UK Kidney Week, Brighton
Claire Simons: Model of cardiovascular disease in people with reduced renal function using routine healthcare data.

27 May 2019
21st National Conference for Health Economics in Bergen, Norway.
James Buchanan (Key note speaker):  The health economics of genomic sequencing.

10 May 2019
University of Coimbra
Filipa Landeiro: The impact of social isolation on delayed hospital discharges.

29 April 2019
European Congress of Obesity, Glasgow
Seamus Kent: Cost-effectiveness of a low-energy total diet replacement programme.

16 April 2019
University College Dublin
Seamus Kent: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a total diet replacement programme, Total Diet and Meal Replacements Europe.

5 April 2019
Leeds University Business School
Laurence Roope: Identifying Inequality Benchmark Incomes

30 March 2019
Fourteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry - The value of Mental Health Services
Stephen Rocks, Mina Fazel and Apostolos Tsiachristas:
 Budget Allocation at the Commissioning Level: Does Child Mental Health Lose Out?

27 March 2019
Nuffield Department of Population Health Annual Symposium, Oxford
Presentations by HERC members

18 March 2019
CSAE Conference 2019, Economic Development in Africa, Oxford
Laurence Roope and Joel Smith:
Gravitational Allocation Problems

13-14 March 2019
NIHR Health Protection Research Unit Gastrointestinal Infection Annual Scientific Conference, London
Mara Violato: 
Family income and utilisation of primary and secondary healthcare for diarrhoeal and respiratory infection: evidence from the UK Millenium Cohort Study

11 March 2019
Manchester Centre for Health Economics Seminar Series
James Buchanan:
 Improving the health economics evidence base for genomic testing

27 February 2019
Queen Mary University of London
Seamus Kent: 
Doctor Referal to a Low-Energy Total Diet Replacement Program Cost Effective for the Routine Treatment of Obesity?

7 February 2019
Centre of Health Economics, University of York
Philip Clarke: 
The origins of health economic evaluation

04 February 2019
University of Nottingham
Mara Violato: The impact of diagnosis on health-related quality of life and costs in people with coeliac disease: a UK population-based longitudinal perspective.

22 January 2019
4th Annual Primary Care Research Symposium, Aylesbury
Ines Rombach and Marvi Iftikhar: 
Presented a workshop on How missing and spurious data can affect trial results

14 January 2019
University of Aberdeen
Seamus Kent: 
Total diet replacement as a scalable population​ approach to tackling obesity

7-8 January 2019
HESG Conference, York
Philip Clarke: 
Moving beyond the threshold: Using a competitive mechanism alongside economic evaluation to allocate health care resources




Presentations in 2018