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Alastair Gray and Andrew Briggs, editors.

Oxford University Press (OUP)

Economic evaluation is increasingly used to help in the allocation of scarce health resources. It is an area in which research, teaching, and publication are flourishing internationally. This new series of handbooks is distinguished by its breadth of coverage and its practical slant. Readers will find  both authoritative views on the current practice of economic evaluation and likely future developments, and practical and detailed guidance on how to do undertake an analysis, with plenty of illustrative material and worked examples.  The content of these handbooks, volumes 1 and 3 particularly, draws on several years experience of teaching the concepts and methods to an international audience of academic researchers, government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Vol 1 Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation, by Andrew Briggs, Mark Sculpher and Karl Claxton,  focuses on the role and methods of decision analysis in economic evaluation. Published 2006.

Vol 2 Economic Evaluation in Clinical Trials by Henry A. Glick, Jalpa A. Doshi, Seema. S. Sonnad and Daniel Polsky, covers the design, conduct and analysis of economic evaluations alongside clinical trials and their distinctive methodological and practical issues. First Edition published February 2007. Second Edition published in 2014.

Vol 3 Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare by Alastair Gray, Philip Clarke, Jane Wolstenholme and Sarah Wordsworth, sets out the key elements of analysing costs and outcomes, calculating cost-effectiveness and reporting results. Published October 2010.

Vol 4 Applied Methods of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Health Care edited by Emma McIntosh, Philip Clarke, Emma Frew, and Jordan Louviere, provides a comprehensive guide to the theory and the practical conduct of cost-benefit analysis. Published June 2010.

Vol 5 Applied Health Economics for Public Health Practice and Research edited by Rhiannon Tudor Edwards and Emma McIntosh, provides an introduction to the principles of health economics and economic evaluation relevant to the specific challenges of public health. Published March 2019.

Vol 6 Handbook of Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Supporting Materials edited by Richard Cookson, Susan Griffin, Ole F. Norheim and Anthony J. Culyer, provides an all-in-one guide to equity-informative cost-effectiveness analysis for researchers, policy advisers and research funders. Published September 2020.



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