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Our purpose is to contribute through our research to health and healthcare in the UK and internationally. We examine the economic aspects of health and disease, the costs and benefits of prevention and treatment, and the design and evaluation of health systems. Of particular importance in all areas is the rigour and innovativeness of the research methods we use


Despite the practical challenges we are all facing, several members of the HERC team have been able to use their skills and experience to contribute to the scientific evidence base on COVID-19.

Economic Evaluation of Healthcare Technologies

All Current Studies - Clinical Trials (Economic Evaluation) Economic Evaluation Modelling

Economics applied to new and existing healthcare interventions; cost-effectiveness; modelling; clinical trials

Measurement and Valuation of Resources

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Disease Cost Studies Economic Evaluation Genomics

Resource use and costs of healthcare and how we measure them

Measurement and Valuation of Health Outcomes

The benefits of healthcare and how we measure them

Design and Evaluation of Healthcare Systems

All Current Studies - Clinical Trials (Economic Evaluation)

Economics applied to the management and delivery of healthcare

Economics of Population Health

All Current Studies - Clinical Trials (Economic Evaluation)

Demographic groups; patient groups; public health; global health



All Completed Studies

Below is a list of completed studies, including clinical trial studies (economic evaluation), If you require detailed information on a specific project, please contact HERC (

Economics of Screening

Economic evaluation applied in screening studies / Economics of screening

Genomic Technologies

Economic evaluation of genomic technologies



DCE Research at HERC

Discrete Choice Experiment research at HERC

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