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Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation, volume 3

This book provides the reader with a comprehensive set of instructions and examples of how to perform an economic evaluation of a health intervention. It focuses solely on cost-effectiveness analysis in healthcare. The book is developed out of 'Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis' the three day course taught by the authors and other members of the Health Economics Research Centre in Oxford. The four main sections mirror the four components of the course: Outcomes, Costs, Modelling using decision trees and Markov models, and Presenting cost-effectiveness results.

The book includes illustrative material, case histories and worked examples to encourage the reader to apply the methods discussed.

Supporting material 

Chapters 3, 4 and 5

Outcomes 2
Outcomes 2 solutions

Chapter 7

Bootstrap exercise
Bootstrap exercise solution
KMSA exercise solutions

Chapter 8

Exercises in this chapter use TreeAge Pro 2009.
Template exercise 8 excel version
Solution excel version
Solution decision tree

Chapter 9

Exercises in this chapter use TreeAge Pro 2009.

Exercise solution
Exercise solution half cycle
Solution Data
Solution half cycle correction

Chapter 10

Exercises in this chapter use TreeAge Pro 2009.
Parameters for PSA
PSA exercise
PSA solution
PSA solution half cycle
Solution PSA

Chapter 11

Present results exercise 2
Present results exercise 2 solution


Alastair Gray, Professor of Health Economics and Director of the Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford
Philip Clarke, Associate Professor, Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney
Jane Wolstenholme, Senior Health Economist, Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford
Sarah Wordsworth, Associate Professor and University Research Lecturer, Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford

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