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Full authoritative title of the study


A summary describing the purpose, nature, and scope of the data collection, special characteristics of its contents, major subject areas covered.

Main topics/Subject category

This is a sub-section of the abstract and include information on the subject coverage of the data


List of variables in the dataset


A list of assigned subject keywords covering all topics included in the data at question/variable level.

Identifier Variables

Lowest level(s) of geographic aggregation covered by the data. Examples include Government Office Regions, Metropolitan Districts and local authorities.

Economic/Subject categories

Defines the overall subject content of the dataset

Area of health system

Primary care, secondary care and social care

Disease Area

Disease area that dataset focuses on


Whether the dataset has any information on socio-economic status - Yes/No response


Whether the dataset has any demographic data - Yes/No response

Risk Behaviours

Whether the dataset has any risk behavioural data (e.g. smoking, diet, exercise) - Yes/No response

Data collecting organisation(s)

The person(s) and/or organisation(s) responsible for creating the data.

Data type

The method or dimension of the data collection.


Indicates the specific town(s), region(s)/counties or country(s) covered by the data.

Coverage (date of field work)

The date(s) when the data were collected.


The group of persons or other elements that are the object of research and to which any analytic results refer. Age, nationality, and residence commonly help to delineate a given universe, but any of a number of factors may be involved, such as sex, ethnicity, income, etc.


Where the data is held

Access Condition

Provides information about standard conditions of use.


Provides link to dataset


This field indicates who to contact with queries about the data.


Publications that have used the corresponding dataset