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James Buchanan

Senior Researcher

Richéal M Burns

Senior Researcher

Helen Dakin

Senior Researcher

Brett Doble


Peter Eibich

Senior Researcher

Francesco Fusco


Alastair Gray

Professor of Health Economics & Director, HERC

David Jones


Mi Jun Keng


Seamus Kent


José Leal

University Research Lecturer

Ramon Luengo-Fernandez

University Research Lecturer

Winnie Mei


Borislava Mihaylova

Associate Professor and University Research Lecturer

Jacqueline Murphy


Laurence Roope

Senior Researcher

Iryna Schlackow

Senior Researcher in Health Economics

Joel Smith

Senior Researcher

Elizabeth Stokes


Apostolos Tsiachristas

Senior Researcher

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Helen Campbell

Health Economics Researcher, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University ...

Judit Simon

Professor of Health Economics, Department of Health Economics, Centre for ...

Philip Clarke

Professor of Health Economics, University of Melbourne

Oliver Rivero-Arias

Associate Professor in Health Economics

Sasha Shepperd

Professor of Health Services Research and Director of Graduate Studies

Stavros Petrou

Professor of Health Economics, University of Warwick

Yaling Yang

Senior Researcher in Health Economics

Adrian Towse

Director of the Office of Health Economics

Paul Fenn

Professor and Deputy Division Head (Risk, Insurance and Banking), Nottingham ...

Darren Barber

Assistant to Professor Gray/Unit Administrative Assistant

Mandy Fruin

Administrative Assistant