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CIS is one of 12 members of the United Kingdom Association of Cancer Registries (UKACR). The geographic boundaries within which the West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit (WMCIU) operates are coterminous with those of the Government Office for the West Midlands and the Strategic Health Authority. The WMCIU receives notification of almost 40,000 new cases of cancer each year. The WMCIU’s cancer registration database now holds in excess of 1.2 million records. It contains data on registration & data quality, incidence, mortality, survival, breast screening quality assurance and cervical screening quality assurance. Health professional in West Midlands health authorities, PCTs and acute trusts can apply for access. It is available to all West Midlands Health Authorities, PCTs and acute trusts. The CIS is accessible over the NHSnet and includes patient level data, the confidentiality of which is protected by levels of authorisation.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Cancer registrations and deaths

Patient demographics e.g. names, date of birth, gender, addresses, ethnicity tumour details e.g. tumour site and type, information on tumour stage (size and spread) date and methods of diagnosis and treatment modality e.g. surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy death details e.g. date of death, cause of death, place of death.

Cancer, cancer registration, deaths, west midlands, data quality, screening
Identifier Variables
Patient level identifiers, PCT, HA
Area of Health System
Public health
Disease Area
Data collecting organization (s)
West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit (WMCIU)
Data Type
Coverage (date of field work)
Depends on indicator
Unit of Analysis

Holds in excess of 1.2 million records

West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit (WMCIU)
Conditions of Access
Free registration access
Powell J, et al. Spychal, continuing rising trend in oesophageal adenocarcinoma. Int J Cancer 2002; 102: 422–427