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Heartstats is the British Heart Foundation's statistics website - a comprehensive and up-to-date source of statistics on the burden, prevention, treatment and causes of heart disease in the UK. It has data on mortality, morbidity, treatment, economic costs and prevention.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Mortality, morbidity, treatment, economic costs and prevention.

Stroke mortality - numbers dying from stroke, public health targets for stroke, trends in death rates in the UK, national and regional differences, socio-economic differences, ethnic differences, international differences, stoke morbidity – incidence and prevalence, treatment for stroke - national stroke strategy, prescriptions, operations, inpatient hospital cases, international differences, assessing the quality of treatment and care, economic cost – health and social care costs, non health care costs, total costs, prevention - risk factors for stroke, regional and social differences in the main risk factors for CHD, smoking, diet, physical activity, alcohol, psychosocial well-being, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, overweight and obesity, diabetes.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), stroke, other CVD, lung cancer, breast cancer, colo-rectal cancer, other cancer, respiratory disease, injuries and poisoning, prevalence, incidence, prescriptions, operations, inpatient case, cvd, chd, economic cost, health care cost, social care cost, non health care cost, total cost, smoking, diet, physical activity, alcohol, psychosocial well-being, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, overweight and obesity, diabetes, cost
Identifier Variables
Area of Health System
Public health
Disease Area
Stroke, Diabetes
Data Available
Data collecting organization (s)
British Heart Foundation
Data Type
Coverage (date of field work)
Depends on indicator
Unit of Analysis
Aggregate, Individual

All heart disease cases in UK

Conditions of Access
Free access
Mortality statistic
Morbidity statistics
Treatment statistic
Economic cost statistic
Prevention statistic
Lyratzopoulos G. The cost of cardiovascular disease: rising, declining or staying still? Heart 2006; 92: 1361–1362