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The National Diet and Nutrition Survey is a national dietary survey jointly funded by the FSA and the DH. The NDNS was previously a series of cross-sectional surveys but in April 2008 it changed to a rolling programme with data collected annually. This survey, of a national sample of young people aged 19 to 64 years, is one of a programme of national surveys with the aim of gathering information about the dietary habits and nutritional status of the British population. There are two groups of datasets included in the study: primary datasets containing data in the format originally collected, and derived datasets. The primary data includes dietary data from the food diary at four levels: person level, day level (seven days were collected per diary), container level (this is a group of foods consumed together at the same serving) and food item level. The derived datasets provided include average nutrient intake.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Diet and nutrition

Diet, physical activity, blood pressure, blood and urine analyte, nutrient intake

Great Britain, adults, age, alcohol consumption, alcoholic drinks, allergies, anthropometric data, artificial sweeteners, attitudes, beverages, birth control methods, blood, carbohydrates, chronic illness, clinical tests and measurements, coffee (beverage), cohabitation, consumption, cooking facilities, debilitative illness, dental care, dental health, dentures, diaries, diet and nutrition, economic activity, edible fats, employees, employment history, farms, food, food supplements, fruit, gender, height (physiology), home ownership, home-grown foods, household income, households, housing tenure, kitchens, livestock, marital status, menopause, milk, minerals, motor vehicles, nutrients, oral health, organic foods, physical activities, place of birth, pregnancy, proteins, purchasing, qualifications, religious food customs, residential mobility, room sharing, salt, self-employed, smoking, social class, social security benefits, socio-economic status, special diets, sugar, supervisory status, tea, teeth, vegetables, vegetarianism, vitamins, weight (physiology), working time
Identifier Variables
Standard regions
Economic/Subject Categories
Area of Health System
Public health
Data collecting organization (s)
Office for National Statistics and Food Standards Agency
Data Type
Survey (cross-sectional)
Coverage (date of field work)
2000, 2001
Unit of Analysis

2,251 men and women (not pregnant or breast-feeding) aged 19 to 64 years living in private households in Great Britain completed the dietary interview, 1,724 the seven-day dietary record.

UK Data Archive
Conditions of Access
Free registration access