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The LS is a data set comprising linked census and event records for 1% of the population of England and Wales (about 500,000 people at any one census). It was set up in 1974.
Main Topics/Subject Category
Occupation, economic activity, housing, ethnicity, age, sex, marital status and education. Events data on births & deaths, fertility, mortality, migration and cancer registrations.
Age, sex, marital status, family, household or communal establishment type, housing, including tenure, rooms and amenities, country of birth, and (in 1971) parent's country of birth, ethnicity (1991 & 2001), educational qualifications, economic activity, occupation and social class, migration and travel to work, long-standing illness (1991 & 2001) and self-rated health (2001), religion (2001), care giving (2001), marriage and fertility history (1971).
Age, age fertility, age illness, age marital, cancer, ccc, communal, diagnosis, education, ethnic, family, family communal, family ethnic, family fertility, family geog, family illness family marital, family socio-economic, fertility, fertility age, fertility marital, fertility mortality, fertility, age at birth, geog, geog small-area, health, health, household, household, household communal, household marital, household socio-economic, household, ethnic, illness, ls, ls communal, marital, marital age, marital fertility, mortality, occupation, occupation family travel to work, occupation geog, occupation geog travel to work, occupation socio-economic, occupation travel to work, registrar, sex, sex fertility, small-area, small-area age, small-area area-classification, small-area ethnic, small-area family, small-area fertility, small-area geog, small-area household, small-area illness, small-area marital, small-area occupation, small-area occupation socio-economic, small-area socio-economic, small-area travel to work, socio-economic, socio-economic family, socio-economic household, tracing, travel to work
Identifier Variables
Economic/Subject Categories
Area of Health System
Data Available
Data collecting organization (s)
Data Type
Coverage (date of field work)
1971, 1981, 1991, 2001
Unit of Analysis
1% of the population of England and Wales (about 500,000 people at any one census)
ONS and longitudinal Study Support (CeLSIUS)
Conditions of Access
Free access
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