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This project focuses on the relationship between paid employment and psychological well-being at older ages, addressing the research aims: identification of the predictors of quality of life in older adults - particularly the role of paid work, identification of the predictors of participation in paid work over age 50, identification of mechanisms through which the influence of paid work on well-being may operate.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Work history; physical and leisure-time activities; physical and psychological health; background and personal details; people in paid work; people not currently in paid work; economic situation; satisfaction with life.
Great Britain, age, attitudes, economic activity, elderly, employment, employment history, ethnic groups, financial resources, gender, happiness, health, human behaviour, leisure time activities, marital status, mental health, personality, physical activities, physical fitness, psychological tests, psychology, qualifications, quality of life, retirement, satisfaction
Identifier Variables
Economic/Subject Categories
Income, Earnings, Ageing
Area of Health System
Social care
Data Available
Risk behaviours, Socio-economic, Demographic
Data collecting organization (s)
University of Manchester. Institute of Science and Technology. Centre for Research in Work and Organisational Psychology
Data Type
Survey (cross-sectional)
Coverage (date of field work)
2001, 2002
Unit of Analysis

Persons aged 50-75 during April 2001-April 2002 in Great Britain. 1176 Questionnaires obtained and 302 interviews obtained.

ESDS Access and Preservation, UK Data Archive
Conditions of Access
Free registration access