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The OPCS/ONS Surveys of Psychiatric Morbidity in Great Britain aim to provide up-to-date information about the prevalence of psychiatric problems among people in Great Britain, as well as their associated social disabilities and use of services. The series started in 1993.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Psychiatric morbidity; alcohol, drug and tobacco use; alcohol dependence; physical complaints; use of services for homeless people; income and state benefits received; employment, demographic variables, stays in psychiatric hospitals within the past five years and access to or registration with a GP.

Psychiatric morbidity among homeless people, alcohol, drug and tobacco use, alcohol dependence, physical complaints, use of services for homeless people, income and state benefits received, employment, demographic variables included age, gender, marital status, homelessness and previous accommodation, including stays in psychiatric hospitals within the past five years and access to or registration with a GP.

Great Britain, access to facilities, adults, advice, age, aggressiveness, AIDS (disease), alcohol consumption, alcoholic drinks, alcoholism, amphetamines, anger, anxiety, anxiety disorders, assault, attendance, attitudes, bacterial and virus diseases, bedrooms, beverages, cancer, cannabis, cardiovascular diseases, care in the community, careers guidance, children, chronic illness, clubs, cocaine, communities, concentration, cooperation, counselling, counsellors, courts, crime victims, day centres, death, decision making, depression, digestive system, disorders, disabilities, diseases, doctor-patient relationship, domestic responsibilities, drug abuse, drug addiction, drug side-effects, drugs, economic activity, ecstasy (drug), educational background, elderly, emotional disturbances, emotional states, employees, employment, employment history, endocrine disorders, epilepsy, ethnic groups, everyday life, families, family environment, family members, fatigue (physiology), fear, financial resources, food, frequency, friends, gender, general practitioners, groups, haematologic diseases, hallucinogenic drugs, happiness, heads of household, health, health consultations, health professionals, health services, heroin, hiv, infections, home sharing
Identifier Variables
Economic/Subject Categories
Mental Health
Area of Health System
Secondary care
Disease Area
Mental health
Data collecting organization (s)
Office of Population Censuses and Surveys
Data Type
Survey (cross-sectional)
Coverage (date of field work)
Unit of Analysis

Homeless adults aged 16-64 years in Great Britain, and staff of day centres for homeless people. Weighted sample size is 1164

ESDS Access and Preservation, UK Data Archive
Conditions of Access
Free registration access