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This is a mixed methods study, comprising both qualitative and quantitative data. The aim of this study was to determine how risk associated with infections and the control of infectious diseases were managed and distributed in the NHS quasi market.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Case studies: the case studies examined the arrangements for managing the risks of infectious disease in five health districts, National Survey: a survey of all CsCDC, ICDs and ICNs in England was conducted. Questionnaires, based on the interviews at the study sites, were designed for each professional group. The data set includes a data file, containing numeric responses, and a text file containing qualitative responses, for each professional group.
England, bacterial and virus diseases, epidemiology, health professionals, health services, hospital services, management, markets (economics), public health, risk, transmission of disease
Identifier Variables
NHS regional offices
Economic/Subject Categories
Quality measure, Proxies
Area of Health System
Primary care, Secondary care, Public health
Disease Area
Infectious diseases
Data Available
Socio-economic, Demographic
Data collecting organization (s)
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Health Services Research Unit
Data Type
Survey (cross-sectional)
Coverage (date of field work)
1997, 1998
Unit of Analysis

National postal survey: (A) 112 (target) 56 (obtained) CCDC cases,(B) 195 (target) 97 (obtained) ICD cases,(C) 320 (target) 176 (obtained) ICN cases, Case studies: 34 (obtained)

ESDS Qualidata, UK data archive
Conditions of Access
Free registration access
National Audit Office. The management and control of hospital acquired infection in acute NHS trusts in England, HC Session 1999. London: The Stationery Office, 2000