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The Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young People survey series began in 1982, under the name Smoking among Secondary Schoolchildren. The series initially aimed to provide national estimates of the proportion of secondary schoolchildren aged 11-15 who smoked, and to describe their smoking behaviour. Similar surveys were carried out every two years until 1998 to monitor trends in the prevalence of cigarette smoking. The survey then moved to an annual cycle, and questions on alcohol consumption and drug use were included. The name of the series was accordingly changed to Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young Teenagers to reflect this widened focus. Since 1998, surveys have been carried out annually, with a core section of questions included on smoking status and number of cigarettes smoked in the last week; drinking status and amount of alcohol drunk in the last week; and awareness and use of drugs. For the 2000 survey, the series title again changed, to Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young People.

Main Topics/Subject Category
Smoking: smoking behaviour, attitudes to smoking, cigarette purchasing, administrative variables. Drinking: drinking behaviour, drinking in last week, alcohol purchasing. Drug use: awareness of drugs, availability of drugs, drug use
England, adolescents, age, alcohol consumption, alcoholic drinks, amphetamines, attitudes, books, cannabis, cocaine, drinking offences, drug abuse, drug addiction, drug education, drug trafficking, ecstasy (drug), educational attendance, educational rules, educational year, ethnic groups, families, free school meals, friends, gender, hallucinogenic drugs, heroin, illegal drugs, information sources, lsd (drug), magic mushrooms, methadone, opiate drugs, physiological effects, policy, purchasing, school discipline, school punishments, schoolchildren, secondary schools, smoking, smoking cessation, smoking restrictions, solvent abuse, steroid drugs, stimulant drugs, strategies, student behaviour, tobacco, tranquillisers, truancy, underage drinking
Identifier Variables
Economic/Subject Categories
Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking
Area of Health System
Public health
Data collecting organization (s)
National Centre for Social Research and National Foundation for Educational Research
Data Type
Survey (cross-sectional)
Coverage (date of field work)
1988, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Unit of Analysis

9,202 pupils completed questionnaires in 2005, 9,715 pupils completed questionnaires in 2004

ESDS Access and Preservation, UK Data Archive
Conditions of Access
Free registration access
Publications .