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The following are just a few of the comments made by previous course participants.

March 2014

  • Really good introduction. I am very interested to take my knowledge forward and apply it.
  • Good course, lots packed in but I managed to grasp most of it.
  • Overall very impressed, the course was well organised and all speakers were helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Excellent summary of the basic concepts and some advanced ones.
  • Really enjoyed all sessions, very good faculty.
  • Well constructed and well delivered, I would recommend.
  • Exercises to apply knowledge appreciated.

October 2014

  • Really good overview, great refresher, met expectations.
  • Really helpful course materials, great course booklet, well though out.
  • Plenty of detail, complex subject, well explained.
  • Great introductory course, covered lots in one day.
  • Very interesting, intensive course. Good start to looking into the topic.
  • Very comfortable facilities.

April 2015

  • Great day, very informative.
  • Met my expectations and in some cases exceeded them.
  • Excellent introductory course.
  • The paper sent through via email was very helpful pre-course reading.
  • The course addressed all the relevant areas I expected.
  • I enjoyed the course and would recommend it.
  • Complete and well done. Very competent teachers.
  • Food, refreshments and venue superb.
  • Very helpful and friendly organisation.

October 2015

  • Very good overview for those new to the area. New concepts, explained well.
  • Met my expectations and my personal training needs.
  • Exceeded expectations. Difficult subjects explained well.
  • Would recommend to anyone looking for a taster in health economics.
  • Very good introduction. Good to have exercises to work on.
  • Very useful, and excellent course with enthusiastic speakers.
  • It did meet my expectations and I felt the details was accessible to me without an economic background.
  • Thanks for an excellent course which met my learning objectives.
  • Very good, good presenters, clear slides, hand outs very useful.