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Transparency in Decision Modelling: What, Why, Who and How?

Sampson CJ. et al, (2019), Pharmacoeconomics

The impact of Medicare part D on income-related inequality in pharmaceutical expenditure

Carvalho N. et al, (2019), International Journal for Equity in Health, 18

Accuracy of patient recall for self-reported doctor visits: Is shorter recall better?

Dalziel K. et al, (2018), Health Econ, 27, 1684 - 1698

Life satisfaction, QALYs, and the monetary value of health.

Huang L. et al, (2018), Soc Sci Med, 211, 131 - 136

Born equal? The distribution of government Medicare spending for children.

Dalziel KM. et al, (2018), Soc Sci Med, 208, 50 - 54

Using Patient-Reported Outcomes for Economic Evaluation: Getting the Timing Right.

Schilling C. et al, (2016), Value Health, 19, 945 - 950

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