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Dates: 2009-2013
Funding: NIHR
Collaborators: University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton
Information: Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, Jane Wolstenholme, Oliver Rivero-Arias
Email inquiry and website:

HERC is part of the Research Design Service for the South Central region of England (RDS-SC). The RDS-SC is a multi-disciplinary support centre, offering advice and support for all those NHS researchers willing to obtain a research grant from the Department of Health. Areas of advice include: health economics, statistics, literature reviews, qualitative research, and all other aspects of grant preparation.

The RDS-SC’s main objective is to support researchers to design research proposals for National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) grants including:

•    Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR)
•    Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
•    The Invention for Innovation Research Programme (i4i)
•    Research for Innovation, Speculation and Creativity Programme (RISC)
•    The Policy Research Programme (PRP)
•    The Public Health Research (PHR) Programme
•    The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme
•    The Health Services Research (HSR) Programme
•    The Service Delivery and Organisation (SDO) Programme
•    NHS Physical Environment Research Programme
•    Research Capacity Development Programme

For more information, or if you require RDS-SC support please contact:

Or visit our website at: