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Date: 2016-2017
Funding: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR): Oxford Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research (CLAHRC)
Collaborators: Prof Keith Hawton, University of Oxford; David McDaid London School of Economics and Political Science
Information: Dr Apostolos Tsiachristas

Researchers from Oxford University and the London School of Economics have linked information from a register of people presenting to a large general hospital following self-harm to financial records in order to estimate the economic costs of their medical and psychiatric care while in hospital.

In a report published in The Lancet Psychiatry they showed that the average cost for each episode of self-harm was £809, with higher costs for adolescents than adults. They estimated that if such costs apply to all self-harm episodes presenting to hospitals in England the overall cost to the NHS amounts to £162 million each year.


Tsiachristas A. McDaid D., Casey D., Brand F., Leal J., , Park A., Geulayov G., Hawton K. General hospital costs in England of medical and psychiatric care for patients who self-harm: a retrospective analysis, The Lancet Psychiatry , Volume 4 , Issue 10 , 759 - 767