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The Health Economics GeCIP (HE GeCIP) is led by HERC Senior Researcher Dr Sarah Wordsworth and represents a collaboration between health economists at HERC (Dr James Buchanan), the University of Manchester (Professor Katherine Payne), the University of Leeds (Dr Gurdeep Sagoo), and a number of other health economists both in the UK and around the world.

The aim of HE GeCIP is to apply, and further develop, health economic methods in order to better understand the economic impact of Whole Genome Sequencing in clinical practice and the incentives for evidence generation. The HE GeCIP is organised into four subdomains with cross-cutting themes, illustrated below. These subdomains will study issues related to:

  • Costs,
  • Outcomes,
  • Preferences, and
  • Capacity and implementation.

The cross-cutting themes will explore issues related to:

  • Patient pathways,
  • Incidental findings,
  • Record linkage of health economic data, and
  • Education and training.

HE GeCIP domain image

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