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Associate Professor Borislava Mihaylova

Associate Professor Borislava Mihaylova

Borislava Mihaylova

MSc, DPhil

Associate Professor

  • Health Economics Research Centre

Borislava (Boby) Mihaylova is an Associate Professor and Senior Health Economist at the Health Economics Research Centre at the University of Oxford.

Her research programme focuses on economic aspects of chronic disease (such as cardiovascular, chronic kidney disease and diabetes) and comprises studies of the impact of disease events and interventions on morbidity, mortality, health-related quality of life and healthcare costs; development of disease models to evaluate long-term effects of disease and interventions, cost-effectiveness analyses of healthcare interventions and studies of socio-economic determinants of health.

She is leading the development of the economic analyses in a number of large randomised controlled trials (SHARP, THRIVE, REVEAL and ACST-2) and in the individual participant data meta-analysis of statin trials (Cholesterol Treatment Collaboration).

Her work on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of statins for cardiovascular disease prevention in the Heart Protection Study and the Cholesterol Treatment Collaboration has been influential in informing treatment recommendations for people at different vascular disease risk.