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David Jones

DPhil Student

David joined HERC as a Researcher in October 2016. David's current work focuses on the disease and economic modelling of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a rapidly emerging condition associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. He will be working primarily alongside the RADIcAL trial which is funded by the EUs Horizon 2020 programme. The randomised control trial will explore the impact of introducing multi parametric MRI for the diagnosis and staging of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease compared to current clinical practice across multiple centres in Europe.

David's academic background is in Economics, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in the subject from the University of York. He continued at the University, completing a Master’s Degree in Health Economics with support from a National Institute of Health Research studentship.

Prior to joining HERC David worked as a Health Economist Intern at The Global Fund in Geneva. His research looked at estimating the effect of Human Rights interventions on the health and behaviour of marginal population groups in low and middle income countries.

David's current interests include the application of Bayesian methods in the evaluation of disease areas for which there is limited data and knowledge of their natural history. David also remains interested in Global health issues, especially the use of cost effective principles for decision making within donor and grant organisations.