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Fred McElwee

Fred McElwee

Fred McElwee


Researcher in Health Economics

Fred is a researcher in health economics at the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC). His work at HERC focuses primarily on two areas: first, evaluating the impact of ‘interacting decisions’ on cost-effectiveness, trial design, and health technology assessment; and, second, analysing the health economics of genomic sequencing for screening programs and precision medicine. 

Before joining HERC as a researcher, Fred read the MA in Economics at University of Edinburgh and the MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology at Oriel College, University of Oxford. During his MSc, he completed a thesis placement at HERC, researching health poverty in the United States. 

Fred comes to HERC with prior professional experience as a Fellow at Health Data Insight C.I.C. and an economist at the Office of Health Economics. He has been involved with projects spanning various research areas, including antimicrobial resistance, pricing and payment models for medicines, the development of digital health technologies, economic modelling, meta-research, health policy, and pandemic preparedness.