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Dr Rhys Thomas

Dr Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas

MSc, PhD

Health Economics Researcher

Rhys Llewellyn Thomas is a researcher at the Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford. His research employs econometric and quasi-experimental methods to address health-related research questions. He has previously worked on the impact of health information on behaviours, distributional effects of publicly funded health insurance coverage, and physician maldistribution. Currently, Rhys is focusing on health policy projects as part of the Health Foundation REAL Demand Centre. Rhys also has extensive teaching experience and is an Associate Fellow of Advanced HE. 

Rhys graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Southampton in 2016. Subsequently, he pursued an MSc and a PhD. in Economics, both at the University of Southampton, with funding from an ESRC DTC 1+3 Research Studentship. Before joining HERC, Rhys was an Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow in Economics at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, where he is currently a fellow by special election. At St Edmund Hall, Rhys instructed undergraduates in Microeconomics-related courses, including first and second-year microeconomics, public economics, and labour economics and inequality, as well as probability and statistics.

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