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Dr Rositsa Koleva-Kolarova

Dr Rositsa Koleva-Kolarova

Rositsa Koleva-Kolarova


Senior Researcher

Rositsa works on a Horizon2020 funded project called HEcoPerMed (Health Economics for Personalised Medicine), which aims to provide guidance on state-of-the-art health economic modelling, and on financing and payment strategies for personalised medicine, to distinguish promises from reality. 

Previously she held an appointment as a research fellow in health economics in the Department of Population Health Sciences, School of Population Health & Environmental Sciences, King’s College London. She worked on economic evaluation projects on stratifying antihypertensive treatment according to individuals’ ethnicity background, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics for cardiovascular diseases, and evaluating new models of care (Vanguards). 

Rositsa obtained her PhD from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and held an appointment as an assistant professor at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria. She joined the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC) in May 2019 as a senior researcher.