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Recently HERC, University of Oxford, created a “virtual visitors” scheme for early career researchers from low and middle income countries (LMICs). In a first round targeted to researchers in Africa, Alphoncina Kagaigai and Assegid Hellebo were selected as the first HERC virtual visitors through lottery allocation. 

Alphoncina is pursuing her PhD in Health Economics at University of Oslo, Norway and she is working on a project titled “Towards universal health coverage: determinants and effectiveness of improved community health fund in Tanzania”.

Assegid is a PhD candidate at the Health Economics Unit, University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa, and in his research he examines the utilisation factors of diabetes care, quality of life of the diabetic and the disease burden in low resource communities in Western Cape, South Africa. 

Alphoncina and Assegid both attended the HERC Applied Methods of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis course in March this year. Over the next six months, they will virtually attend HERC seminars and events, and will be assigned mentors from HERC to discuss their research and explore future projects. 

Future rounds of the virtual visitors scheme targeted to future regions will be advertised in due course.

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