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Dates: Completed 2005
Collaborators: University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham
Information: Jane Wolstenholme

Jane Wolstenholme collaborated with researchers at the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham examining the issues and techniques of willingness to pay. The research explored a direct comparison between four alternative format designs (open-ended, payment scale, closed-ended and iterative bidding formats) to elicit the willingness to pay values for two alternative screening tests for colorectal cancer.


Whynes, DK, Frew, EJ, and Wolstenholme, JL (2005). Willingness-to-pay and demand curves: a comparison of results obtained using different elicitation formats.

Int J Healthcare Finance Econ 5(4):369-86.

Frew, EJ, Wolstenholme, JL, and Whynes, DK (2005). Eliciting relative preferences for two methods of colorectal cancer screening. Eur J Cancer Care (Engl), 14(2):124-31.

 Frew, EJ, Wolstenholme, JL, and Whynes, DK (2004). Comparing willingness-to-pay: bidding game format versus open-ended and payment scale formats. Health Policy 68(3):289-98.