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HERC database of mapping studies - new version released

Version 3.0 of this database is now available, which is based on updated searches and includes 13 new mapping studies, bringing the total of studies in the database up to 103. The database can be used to estimate utilities for economic evaluation or health technology assessment, identify best practice in mapping studies and to identify or prevent duplicate publication. More information, and access to the database, is available here

A warm welcome to...

Luke Blount has joined HERC as the new Unit Administrator. Luke will head the administrative team in HERC, which provides support and services to the Director, staff and students within the group.

Latest Publications

Dakin, HA, Wordsworth, S, Rogers, CA, Abangma, G, Raftery, J, Harding, SP, Lotery, AJ, Downes, SM, Chakravarthy, U, and Reeves, BC (2014). Cost-effectiveness of ranibizumab and bevacizumab for age-related macular degeneration: 2-year findings from the IVAN randomised trial. BMJ Open, 4(7):e005094.

Pandey, S, McLernon, DJ, Scotland, G, Mollison, J, Wordsworth, S, and Bhattacharya, S (2014). Cost of fertility treatment and live birth outcome in women of different ages and BMI. Hum Reprod, (EPub) pii: deu184.

Leal, J
, Wordsworth, S, Oerton, J, Khalid, JM, and Dezateux, C (2014). Synthesis framework estimating prevalence of MCADD and sensitivity of newborn screening programme in the absence of direct evidence. J Clin Epidemiol, Epub (pii: S0895-4356(14)00204-2. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2014.05.011).

Bourke, S, Burns, R, and Gaynor, R (2014). Challenges in Generating Costs and Utilisation Rates Associated with Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer. Journal of Market Access and Health Policy, 2:24072

Foote, C, Morton, RL, Jardine, M, Gallagher, M, Brown, M, Howard, K, and Cass, A (2014). COnsiderations of Nephrologists when SuggestIng Dialysis in Elderly patients with Renal failure (CONSIDER): a discrete choice experiment.

Nephrol Dial Transplant, Epub (doi: 10.1093/ndt/gfu257).

Watts, C, Cust, A, Coates, E, Mann, G, Menzies, S, and Morton, R (In Press). Specialized surveillance for individuals at high risk of melanoma: a cost analysis of a High Risk Clinic

JAMA Dermatology.

HERC Seminar Series

Forthcoming Seminars

Monday 18 August 2014, 4.00pm
Terry Flynn, Health Economist, University of Western Sydney, Honorary Appointment. 'The future of best-worst scaling – quantifying attitudes towards health care and giving insights into how and, more importantly, why patients make the choices they do.'

Thursday 25 September 2014, 3.00pm
Katharina Hauck, Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College Business School, London. 'The social determinants of health: does the data support the rhetoric?'

Friday 3 October, 1.00pm
Brendan Walsh, Research Associate, School of Health Sciences, City University London. 'Decomposition analysis in health inequalities.'

Date TBC
James Raftery, Professor of HTA, University of Southampton 'NICE: how much has it saved the NHS? Would cross-the-board price cuts save more?'

Thursday 20 November 2014, 4.00pm
Graham Scotland, Senior Research Fellow, HERU, University of Aberdeen 'In with the old, out with the new. In search of ways to help health economists’ break their addiction to technology adoption'

Tuesday 9 December 2014, 4.00pm
Yiu-Shing Lau, PhD student, University of Manchester. 'Is the weekend effect on mortality attributable to variations in the quality of care received?'

HERC Short Courses


Conferences and Workshops co-organised by HERC

International Health Conference 2015 - a date for your diaries
25-27 June 2015, St Hugh's College, Oxford. More information.