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Dates: 2009-Ongoing
Funding: NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme
Collaborators: University of Bristol
Information: Judit Simon Anees Abdul Pari

The latest estimates show that the UK National Health Service spends an annual £207 million on hospital stay and £25 million on medicines for bipolar disorders. To date, however, little is known about the extent and variation of health and social care resource use at the individual patient-level and more research is needed to facilitate the development and delivery of cost-effective services. The OXTEXT research programme aims to develop and evaluate cost-effective systems of collaborative disease management for people with bipolar disorder including mood monitoring with systems such as True Colours.

The health economic components of the programme involve:

  • systematic review of existing information on the costs of bipolar disorder,
  • comprehensive measurement of the volume, type and cost of health and social care resources used and some broader societal costs incurred by individuals with bipolar disorder with and without mood monitoring in a before-after cohort study, and
  • estimation of how clinical ratings of mood are related to resource use.

This study forms part of the OXTEXT research programme.